Our refreshing Oat Harvest oat beverages are all plant based and made from oats grown on Canadian farms. Enjoy them straight from the box, mixed in with your morning lattes, blended in a nutritious smoothie, or used as a dairy substitute in your favourite recipes. The possibilities are as endless as they are delicious.

Available in three flavours that fit a wide range of lifestyle and dietary needs. All are dairy, soy, and nut free.

Simply Four - Made with four simple ingredients. Completely plant based and earth friendly, our Simply Four flavour provides all the health benefits your lifestyle needs.

Unsweetened Original - Fortified with Calcium and Vitamins A & D. With our unsweetened original blend, your refreshment is based on the goodness of oats, pure and simple.

Chocolate - A sweet oat take on the traditional chocolate milk for our non-dairy customers and with 50% less sugar than chocolate dairy milk.


We believe in the quality of our beverages but are motivated by so much more. Our focus is on doing what’s right, treating people well and helping you enjoy good things. We care about those who grow our oats, those who mill our oats and those who eat our oats.

We take care of our spaces, support our communities, and look after our environment. That’s important to us. We do this not only for the greater good, but because it’s who we are.


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