Our passion for providing customers with quality ingredients extends to our innovative Toasted Coated Grains and Granola Clusters.

Designed for their delicious flavor and unique texture, it’s clear why our Toasted Coated Grains are our most popular product. These flaked grains are enrobed with syrup and then toasted just-right to reach a specific moisture and flavor profile. Toasted Coated Oats are an ideal way to enhance nutrition in granola bars, toppings, trail mix, and more. Products are packaged in 50lb bags and large corrugated totes.

Our Granola Clusters are the perfect addition to cereals, smoothies, and snack foods. Examples of flavors we can create include high protein, sweet and savory, fruit, flax, chia, pepitas, or classic maple and brown sugar. Products are packaged in 30 lb boxes and large corrugated totes.

Remember that we can customize our products to meet each customer’s unique flavor, texture, and nutritional requirements, and would love to work with you to meet your needs.

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