From Canadian farms to Canadian tables. By working closely with Canadian farmers, our customers can trust that we’re sourcing canola seeds grown using environmental best practices. This not only ensures that crops are responsibly grown and harvested with great respect to the environment, but that the land can be enjoyed for many generations to come.
Our margarines, oils, blends, and sprays are made using Canadian-grown canola, and are proudly produced and packaged in our Canadian facilities. In addition to our retail products, we offer a complete range of Canola Harvest products for your food service establishment including shortenings, deep fry oils, and more.

Canola with Sunflower Oil

Canola with Coconut Oil

Canola with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Canola with Avocado Oil

Canola Harvest Canola Oil 3 L

Canola Harvest Canola Oil 1.42 L

Canola Harvest Canola Oil 946 ml

Canola Harvest Canola Oil 473 ml

Canola Harvest Margarine with Olive Oil 907 g

Canola Harvest Original Margarine 907 g

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