Whole Grain Oat Groats

Richardson Milling Whole Oat Groats are produced by cleaning high quality raw oats, dehulling, and kiln conditioning. The kilning process deactivates the protein enzyme to improve shelf life and imparts a toasted flavor while enhancing functionality. Groats can be reduced in size through a cutting process resulting in Steel Cut Oat Groats. Steel Cut Oat Groats have grown in popularity as a hot cereal due to the unique cooked texture. Our product development team has created unique products that shorten cook time while still maintaining a unique texture. Both Whole and Steel Cut groats can be flaked to produce a wide variety of whole oat flakes to meet specific customer requirements. Bulk Oat Groats can be shipped internationally and processed into flakes in markets away from growing regions. Whole and Steel Cut Oat Groats are available in bulk (rail & truck), 50 lb bags, and super sacks.

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